Holistic Integrative Medicine and the Powerful Role it Plays

Where Wellness Meets Wellbeing.

Welcome to SoBe Well, a cohesive and comprehensive Integrative Wellness Program designed around the uniquely personal needs of our clients and their families. With an emphasis on truly individualized care, we balance eastern and western medicine to help you feel, look, and live your very best.

Healing Body, Mind and Spirit
SoBe Well understands that everyday stresses are not only physically exhausting, but also cause a breakdown in your mental and spiritual wellbeing. What sets us apart from traditional wellness programs is our desire to not only heal your body, but also rejuvenate your mind and spirit. Our integrative medicine perspective addresses your physical, nutritional, chemical, environmental, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, lifestyle values and challenges within our Integrative Wellness Program.

An Integrated Suite of Services

Our unique array of evidence-based services includes acupuncture, amino acid therapy, auriculotherapy, chiropractic, exercise, massage therapy, meditation, psychotherapy, science-based nutrition, smoking cessation, recovery coach training, wellness counseling and groups and yoga. Our services are available a la carte or as part of a customized, multi-pronged treatment program designed for you, and you alone, to address a full range of health and wellness issues.

An Exceptional Staff to Serve You

Led by renowned specialist, author and educator, Dr. Patrece Frisbee, SoBe Well delivers nothing less than extraordinary, one-on-one clients care. Our team is comprised of experienced professionals who are highly attuned to your needs and who will collaborate to create the very best plan for you. We spend time with you…get to know you…and consider your own unique lifestyle family situation and health factors when creating your treatment plan.

Wellness for the Whole Family

Acknowledging that addiction is a family disease, we involve your loved ones from the very beginning and throughout your treatment, recovery, prevention and maintenance plan. Family members participate in:

  • The admission and assessment process, which is the foundation for your ongoing treatment plan, process and recovery
  • Educational courses on the disease process
  • Discussions on the studies and research behind our evidence-based services for treating substance use disorders, trauma, compulsive, impulsive and behavioral disorders and especially decreasing anxiety, depression, insomnia and cravings
  • Family group counseling
  • Individual counseling

Caring for the entire family, across every phase of recovery and life, is essential to our philosophy. Whether your goal is to get well, stay well, or look and feel the best you ever have, you're in excellent hands with SoBe Well. That's our promise to you, and we look forward to guiding you to a life of more abundant health, wellness and joy.


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  • "I was “white knuckling” my sobriety for months and thought I was going to relapse due to my intense cravings, anxiety, depression and insomnia. After 1 week of seeing Dr. Frisbee, and experiencing her arsenal of powerful services she provides, my cravings are gone and my anxiety, depression and insomnia have improved dramatically. Best of all I have real hope, which I never had before, that I can stay clean and sober with Dr. Frisbee’s services. Thank you."
    Adam A.